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Open House

Próximamente en agosto de 2017

The Emporium by Yarlen Banquet and Special Event Center tendrán su open house en agosto de 2017. ¡Venga a ver nuestra hermosa instalación, conozca a nuestros proveedores confiables, y aproveche los descuentos disponibles sólo para aquellos que asistan! Más detalles pronto.

Abierto al publico

Descuentos para aquellos asistentes

Descuentos y Ofertas Especiales

Trabajamos con su presupuesto

¡Echa un vistazo a nuestras ofertas especiales!

Echa un vistazo a nuestro descuento especial del momento, incluyendo el 15% de descuento en cualquier otro viernes de 2017, y el alquiler de 10% lugar para todos los militares.

Obtenga 15% de descuento!

Desde el 1 de enero de 2017 hasta el 31 de diciembre de 2017

¡Reciba 15% de descuento en nuestro salón para cualquier viernes disponible para 2017!

Descuento militar

Desde el 1 de enero de 2017 hasta el 31 de diciembre de 2017

Pregúntenos acerca de nuestro descuento militar y obtenga un 10% de descuento en su tarifa de alquiler.

Estamos en todas las redes sociales!

¡Conéctate con Nosotros!


Happy Saturday! ✨💝


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Toda. La. Bendicion. De. Dios. A todos.

As of today, we will be working diligently from our homes taking your phone calls, responding to inquiries and questions, and emails!

Our clients are more than welcome to call our office lines where the calls will be redirected to our representatives with the Emporium & Las Fuentes Cell Phones. ✨

We hope everyone stays safe and healthy during this time, and remember: your Emporium family is only a DM, call, or email away! ✨❤️
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Difficult decisions during a difficult time. Stay healthy everyone.

Dios. Con todos. Cuidado. X. Toda. La. Humanidad.

As of today, we will be temporarily closing our office as a precautionary step for the safety and health of our clients, their families, and our staff.

Don't worry- If you are a new inquirer or already have a future event planned with us, we will still be taking calls and emails! Our office is only closed to walk ins and in-person appointments through April 3rd, tentatively.

If you have any questions about our services, please don't hesitate to email or DM us!

We wish everyone good health during this time, and always ✨❤️
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Planning a wedding? Quince? Sweet 16? Come in to The Emporium and find out about our Friday Discounts! Don’t miss out on great savings! Call us at 210-627-9800 or DM us!

Come ask Cindy, Dafne, and Gabby about all the new offers, & new accessories. The Emporium & La Fuentes by Yarlens

We are here and come ask for Cindy, Gabby, Dafine

We are here the #BridalextravaganzaSa2019 come by ask about all the new upgrades and accessories we are now offering @bridalguidemag @texasweddings


Successful outcome on our 5th semi-annual open house !! 🤩
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